Christmas Memories
1989     Jerry, Christina, Nancy            Early 1970s
2001    With Buttercup -- together now in heaven.
Nancy & Christina's 2002 Holiday Message
1988 Mother, Jerry, JoAnne, Jeanne
Jameson, Santa, Jered,
Christina, Jeff and Sheri
in the mid-1980s.
Christmas 1993
Back Row: Len, Jeanne, Jim, Christina and Nancy.
Front Row: JoAnne, Grandmother, Jeff, Justin, Jerry, and Jered.
Xmas tree hunter.  December 1970
Christina came home from Japan to be with family for Christmas in 1993. 
The plan was to bring something red to wear for the family portrait.  What could never have been planned was which shade of red we would all be wearing. As it turned out, all five of us women had the exact same shade of red!